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I have been a patient of Malinda's for several years following the most serious head injury of my life ... Her treatments have brought me life-saving pain relief, and allowed me to recover a large part of my former strength and abilities.

- W. W., Falmouth

I had a frozen shoulder, headache, and digestive upsets. My shoulder is now 85 percent better and close to full range of motion, my headaches are fewer and less intense, my digestive system is greatly improved, and my energy is coming back!

- V. T., W. Tisbury

Throughout all appointments you explained everything you were doing, its effects, and the anatomy involved. And for a process such as a liver release, which I'd never heard of before and felt strange about, I felt completely comfortable in the hands of your powerful gift.

- A. S., New York

Malinda is a skilled and conscientious practitioner. While in my office, many patients will offer unsolicited recommendations and affirmations of treatment benefits.

- Dr. T. W., D.C., Falmouth

Reflecting on my work with Malinda I feel total gratitude. After a visit with her, I usually have to control the urge to tell everyone I see how amazing her work is!! I have had a number of difficult to treat conditions that have resolved after one visit! The feeling I have when she begins to treat me is of letting go. I experience relief as I trust her in her ability to read my body and give it what it needs.

- A. Z., Vineyard Haven

After a severe fall I was left with a headache and pressure behind my right eye. After two sessions with you I have seen a definite difference in the comfort of my stiff neck, my headache is gone, and my eye is feeling much better. Although there is more work to do, I am encouraged with the progress I have made so quickly.

- T. M., Pocassett

I have three horses that Malinda has been doing CranioSacral work on, and they all really love it. We work on them in their paddock, and they line up to get their turn. During treatment, they get into a truely relaxed state, which I believe must be helpful for healing. The most fascinating thing for me is to see what their bodies "ask for". It's such a great way to get in tune with your horse, and of course a double benefit if Malinda works on the horse and rider!

- M. S., Hatchville

Malinda has been working on my two horses, a 25 year old arab and a 9 year old off the track thoroughbred, both with a host of issues. Malinda has been able to smooth out the spine on the Arab and balance his hips. The thoroughbred and I share similar issues with our right hips being twisted and the SI joints having problems and causing pain in the back. Malinda has been working on me too and has made a world of difference in how I walk and ride and the level of pain I live with. I have had all sorts of treatments over the years to help my back pain and nothing has come close to the results I have gotten from Malinda. My body tells her where to work and the pain has been lessening with each treatment. It is like magic!

- M. A., Hatchville

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